Saturday, April 24, 2010


So a while back, I got these empanada makers (I like to call them 'impanema' makers, and hum accordingly) from Tupperware. It was this crazy ass special and I got two. And then I made like,
the most amazing pastie EVER.

Ingredients used:
Box of GF pastry from the frozen section of Bilo (possibly other leading supermarkets)
1 x tin of Sanitarium 'Savoury Lentils' (health food section)
1 x egg yolk, beaten (as recommended by The Perfect Pie Crust)
Handful of grated cheese

Fan forced oven preheated to 180.
Lightly greased impanema with grapeseed oil (couldn't find gf flour)
Clack impanema maker together to make it 'talk'. Make it say something sausagey.
Cut pastry sheets in half.
Lay half over the impanema
One spoon full of savoury lentils in the middle.
Sprinkle with cheese
Shut the impanema, like a set of false teeth.
Peel away excess pastry, roll it into a ball and roll it out & make a loveheart to put on top when baking.
Use a pastry brush and paint the pastie with egg yolk.
If you have made decorations like the loveheart, stick it on now and paint with yolk.
Bung in the oven until it starts browning....

Take it out, dip it in tomato sauce and NOM NOM NOM.

Please excuse the quality of my photos, I got sand in my beloved Canon SLR 500 so I'm using my mother's camera - thanks mom!

I didn't think to use the excess pastry for decorations, but rolled it up and froze it to make more another time. It can be refrozen for up to 3 months.

Rhiannon just reminded me how silly it is to have two, so I'm giving away my spare in the following competition, so you too can make these beauties (as of now, they aren't available from Tupperware).

To win? Cook something new this week. Post a photo to the wall of Sausage Housewife Fanpage.
The dish that gets the most 'likes' by next Sunday night wins! Open to readers world wide....

Good luck!